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Magic Dot-R

  • Product description: This dj gear moving head light is for beam effect.Here we can bought the magic dot-R from China,that comes with pan&tilt unlimited rotation and three phase motor,the light moving very fast with quickl

This is Ayrton magic dot-R light,that comes with a 60w original LED chips.and it is pan&tilt unlimited rotation.it is a good partner with ayrton magic pannel 602.

1.Pan&tilt unlimited rotation

2.High brightness osram 60w led chips

3.Three phase motor

4.LCD display

5.Touch Key-Buttom

LED source:Osram 60w led chips
8*0.5w RGB Leds,extra four individual control led rings on the head
Pan&Tilt:Unlimited rotation
Beam angle:4.5 degree
Control mode:DMX 512,Sound active,Autoactive,Master-slave
Dmx Channel:15/17/33
Dimmer:0-100% linner dimmer

LCD display.


Contact: Tommy Nie

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Email: info@ayrton.cn

Add: BaJiangDongLu 6th,JiangGao Zhen,BaiYun District,GuangZhou,China

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